2023 Civic Interaction & Public Trust Tyler Excellence Award Winners

Recognizing agencies that have designed a better civic experience with government through technology solutions helping to foster trust and simplify interactions, including enhanced engagement with residents and the business community.

Civic Services

Town of Prosper, Texas

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise Permitting & Licensing

Prosper, Texas, implemented online solutions for more agile community planning and development. Their Civic Access web portal, automated workflows, and Executive Insights solution improved data and functionality. Staff, constituents, and key stakeholders quickly saw benefits:

  • Civic Access with Decision Engine - enabled online application submissions and reduced application errors
  • Executive Insights - increased organization transparency and accountability
  • Automated processes - eliminated manual steps to increase productivity

Courts & Justice

Glynn County Clerk of State Court, Georgia

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise Justice

To expand constituents’ access to justice while increasing court efficiency, Glynn County integrated Defendant Access, a public-facing case resolution application, into Enterprise Case Manager. Through the county’s innovative approach, court staff rapidly:

  • Expedited constituents’ ability to view and pay traffic citations online — often within hours
  • Raised payment compliance: 71% of payments through Defendant Access are made within first or second court notice while 17% are paid prior to any notice at all
  • Reduced the need for constituents to appear in court and the number of steps court staff must take to close a case


City of Grovetown, Georgia

Featured Tyler Product: ERP Pro

To provide modern services that could scale with their growing population, the City of Grovetown turned to My Civic and ERP Pro. Since adopting these solutions, the city has:

  • Increased transparency for citizens into their utility billing, payment options, and payment status
  • Provided their community with instant, intuitive access to city services and information with the My Civic mobile app
  • Streamlined interdepartmental operations through access to real-time, centralized data
  • Simplified audits and supported compliance with accurate, paperless records

City of Newark, Delaware

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise ERP

To improve engagement and optimize operations for its community and employees, the city of Newark turned to the My Civic mobile app and Enterprise ERP's (powered by Munis®) employee self-service. Since adopting the solutions, the city has:

  • Provided its community convenient, instant access to resources and services 24/7
  • Increased transparency for its community with improved access to information
  • Empowered employees to update open enrollment data via an employee self-service portal, reducing staff time spent on redundant entries
  • Improved accuracy of open enrollment data collection and eliminated the need for an extra review

Public Safety

Paducah Police Department, Kentucky

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise Public Safety

The Paducah Police Department, along with responders from McCracken County, used their industry expertise and Next Generation 911 technology to facilitate a challenging rescue. With Enterprise CAD, Enterprise Fire Field Mobile, and integrated RapidSOS technology, the agency:

  • Received a call from a lost hunter who was unsure of his exact location, trapped 30 feet up in an unstable tree stand in a rural area with no nearby roadways
  • Used the caller’s device location to send automatic location updates to first responders throughout the 911 call with RapidSOS technology, allowing them to pinpoint the caller’s exact location
  • Put real-time data and location information in the hands of command staff and front-line workers via the Enterprise Fire Field Mobile app, so all users had immediate access to the same information, instantly
  • Gave fire personnel turn-by-turn navigation instructions by watching their location on Enterprise CAD, guiding the crew through fields, across a creek, and deep into the tree line where they located the stranded hunter and navigated in equipment for the rescue
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