2023 Data & Transparency Tyler Excellence Award Winner

Recognizing organizations that have used Tyler solutions to creatively and transparently communicate valuable data to their communities and used those insights to make data-driven decisions.

City of Bloomington, Indiana

Featured Tyler Product: Data & Insights

By implementing Tyler’s Data & Insights solutions, the city of Bloomington has been able to automate data extraction and publishing from the city’s data systems and provide real-time access to the city’s Geographic Information System data services. Implementation of Performance Insights and Finance Insights has:

  • Improved the city's ability to quickly share information with the public for the purposes of informing and providing transparency
  • Empowered public users to create visualizations and enabled the city to use those visualizations for a deeper understanding of trends
  • Eliminated the need for staff to manually publish data to the public through live data feeds from their enterprise systems to Data & Insights, creating a more informed public
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