Document Pro Yields Results for Three Counties

Pipestone County, MN
Population: 9,596
Increased office efficiency with Document Pro and iDoc Market

Park County, MT
Population: 15,636
Improved Customer Service through iDoc Market

Ravalli County, MT
Population: 40,212
Increased Revenue by $900/month

Counties across the country face the same problem on a daily basis: how to meet customer demands with limited time and resources? Three counties in the northern United States decided to tackle that problem head-on by implementing Tyler Technologies' Document Pro software.

Pipestone County Achieves Streamlined Workflow

Mary Ann De Groot, the County Recorder for Pipestone County, MN, laughs when she thinks of the way her office used to operate.

"We actually used to hand-record our documents, sometimes up to seven different times," she explained. "It makes me laugh when I think of the huge machines we used to print and how we had to physically copy and mail out documents. Document Pro has changed all of that."

The decision for Pipestone County to switch to a more technologically-advanced system was made in 2003 and the Minnesota county hasn't looked back. De Groot and her team have transformed their office into a streamlined, efficient unit.

"We wanted to modernize the office and the features of Document Pro are so well-thought out," De Groot said.

Our turnaround time is so much faster. We no longer have to print and mail off documents, since everyone can access their records on their own through the iDoc Market.

Mary Ann De Groot

County Recorder, Pipestone County

The iDoc Market has had a direct impact on Pipestone County's ability to serve their citizens. Customers who want access to the county's docs need only to subscribe to the county's records system for a small fee. Users can then instantly access the documents they need without burdening De Groot's staff.

"Our customer service is so much better since everyone has 24/7 access to the records they need," she explained. "They don't have to drive down here and wait for us to print them. We are actually bringing in more revenue from the iDoc fees than we were when we printed the documents and charged the customer directly."

Park County Enhances Customer Service

Park County, Montana, likewise enjoys the many benefits of the Document Pro iDoc Market. Most importantly, it is Park County's customers that receive the biggest advantage.

"iDoc has been awesome for us and our customers. Our records go all the way back to 1972, so it satisfied most of the requests people have," Jan Buckner, Deputy Clerk and Recorder for Park County said.

Customers can access the database and pull records on their own, without having to call or come to the office. They're very happy with it.

Jan Buckner

Deputy Clerk and Recorder, Park County

Buckner thinks the success of the iDoc Market is due to the fact that citizens will always have a need to access their records. The iDoc Market provides Park County with a tool to meet those requests, without having to devote additional time and resources.

"We get so much repeat business and the subscription packages make it so easy for all parties involved," she said. "The ability for customers to have 24/7 access to records allows our office to concentrate on the things that really need our attention. It's especially valuable around election time since it frees us up so we can focus on all of the tasks involved with that."

Ravalli County Boosts Revenue

In many cases, Document Pro can positively impact a county's bottom line. Ravalli County, Montana, implemented Document Pro in early 2013 and was thrilled to see a boost in revenue just a few months later.

"We went online with Document Pro iDoc Market towards the end of February," Regina Plettenberg, the Clerk and Recorder for Ravalli County, said.

Since that time, we have made $5,630, which is over $900 per month in revenue. I never dreamt we would make that much starting out, so I am very pleased.

Regina Plettenberg

Clerk and Recorder, Ravalli County

Ravalli County also experienced a noticeable decrease in foot traffic along with a drastic reduction in mail-in requests for documents. Whereas the county used to receive several document requests each day, they now get roughly one per week. The ability to refer customers to the Web site has helped the county staff to streamline their workflow and operate in a more efficient environment.

Plettenberg explained that the county initially decided to implement Document Pro for the workflow and ease of use. Several months later, she is confident that Ravalli County made the correct decision.

"I would highly recommend Tyler Technologies and their software. The customer service we have received has been great, the system is easy to use and we always receive prompt assistance for any questions we have. I've also received a lot of positive feedback from our clients using the system."

Case Study Highlights

  • How do you meet customer demands with limited time and resources?
  • Using Document Pro and iDoc, customers access the database and pull records on their own, without having to call or come to the office
  • Revenue is up, and foot traffic is down

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