2023 Operational Efficiency Tyler Excellence Award Winners

Recognizing organizations that have increased operational efficiencies through technology projects using Tyler solutions, specifically those reducing barriers for performing autonomous, essential tasks and delivering better public service.

Appraisal & Tax

Washington County Assessment & Taxation, Oregon

Featured Tyler Product: Assessment & Tax Pro

Washington County aimed to provide a more efficient experience for citizens to engage with local offices and file tax returns. Thanks to Tyler’s Assessment & Tax Pro and SmartFile solutions, the county has:

  • Implemented a more convenient manner for filing tax returns with SmartFile
  • Greatly reduced mail, filing, and paper-related costs
  • Freed up multiple departmental resources for other projects
  • Save roughly 30mins per filing versus previous manual processes

Civic Services

City of Sunrise, Florida

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise Asset Management.

Seeking to improve its asset management operations, the city of Sunrise turned to Enterprise Asset Management. Since adopting the solution, the city has:

  • Improved its customers' experience
  • Increased community engagement
  • Optimized and streamlined reporting
  • Reduced inventory shrink with improved inventory control
  • Connected Enterprise ERP (powered by Munis®) and asset management operations to reduce redundant data entry

Goochland County, Virginia

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise Permitting & Licensing

Goochland County, Virginia, virtualized its permitting and licensing counter to much-needed 24/7 access and real-time visibility for key users. Their service-matters approach to community development positively impacted staff, citizens, reviewers, and inspectors:

  • Permit intake staff saved 10 hours per week through increased efficiencies
  • Inspection results and plan review comments are available 24/7
  • Citizens and contractors have access to submit and check application status in real-time and conveniently pay fees online
  • Significant reduction in paper through online applications, inspection scheduling, and mobile inspections

Courts & Justice

Kane County, Illinois

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise Justice

To reduce the number of accused awaiting trial in jail, the Kane County Circuit Clerk and IT Department teamed up with law enforcement to create a workflow within Enterprise Case Manager that automates the criminal case initiation process, giving officers access to critical data in real time. Since adopting the new process, Kane County has:

  • Empowered officers to complete criminal complaints in the field, connecting them to Enterprise Case Manager to access case details that allow for release on recognizance — without involving court staff
  • Pushed 100,000+ events through the system within one month of launch
  • Reduced errors and financial burden on county to house suspected residents

Williamson County Technology Services, Texas

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise Jury Manager

The Justice Technology team in Williamson County realized they needed a more robust, modern jury management solution that not only allowed staff to work more efficiently, but that also allowed them to communicate with jurors more effectively. Since adopting Enterprise Jury Manager, the team has:

  • Automated jury pool management selection for 13 courts
  • Improved juror convenience and satisfaction by leveraging innovative electronic communication features
  • Reduced courthouse foot traffic and lowered costs by pre-qualifying potential jurors


Renton Regional Fire Authority, Washington

Featured Tyler Product: ERP Pro

To manage strict time constraints on hiring and training new firefighters, Renton Regional Fire Authority (RRFA) implemented ERP Pro’s Onboarding application. Since implementation, RRFA has:

  • Accelerated onboarding processes to ensure groups of newly hired firefighters can attend critical training offered only twice a year
  • Reduced manual data entry and errors caused by illegible handwriting by switching to paperless processes
  • Connected and automated document transfers between new hires, human resources, and payroll personnel
  • Demonstrated their commitment to supporting both new and existing personnel through technology

Land & Official Records

El Dorado County Recorder-Clerk's Office, California

Featured Tyler Product: Records Management

Seeking to modernize operations and streamline processes, the El Dorado County Recorder-Clerk’s Office selected the Records Management and Records Public Access applications. Since adopting the new solutions, the county has:

  • Increased office efficiencies to record, index, and verify an average of 450 documents per day (up from 250).
  • Lowered staffing levels for their department, even with an increase in recordings (a 24% salary savings).
  • Implemented calendar appointments with links to the Self-Service Kiosk forms to complete prior to appearance.
  • Reduced staff and public interaction time by 50%, allowing staff to focus on cross-training and long-term historical projects.

Public Safety

Tolland County Mutual Aid, Connecticut

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise Public Safety

This busy emergency communications center used Enterprise CAD and Enterprise Fire Field Mobile to increase operational efficiency without increasing staff. After implementing the solutions, the agency has:

  • Supported their own PSAP as well as two additional PSAPs in the area, increasing the use of Enterprise CAD throughout the state of Connecticut
  • Improved the accuracy of manual CAD entries
  • Managed an increase in call volume of more than 27% without increasing staff due to newly created efficiencies
  • Improved workflows and contributed to employee retention
  • Adhered to required reporting standards more accurately, improved situational awareness for responders and command staff, and increased access to shared data across agencies


Department of Consumer Affairs, State of California

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise State Regulatory
Honorable Mention

The California Department of Consumer Affairs (CA DCA) modernized their system to license a wide range of professionals in order to fulfill their mission of consumer protection. By implementing Tyler’s Enterprise State Regulatory application, powered by VERSA® Regulation, CA DCA has:

  • Empowered 18 separate boards and bureaus to handle their unique licensing and enforcement requirements with a single system.
  • Made the process to obtain or renew a license faster, easier, and more transparent.
  • Accepted, investigated, and adjudicated complaints submitted by citizens through an online portal.
  • Administered more than 3.4 million licenses across 280+ license types.

Health Professions Council, State of Texas

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise State Regulatory

To provide better service to licensees, the Texas Health Professions Council (TX HPC) chose to consolidate their license management processes with Enterprise State Regulatory Application, powered by VERSA® Regulation. In the years since then, TX HPC has:

  • Managed all license and complaint data in a single application and database rather than five separate systems.
  • Migrated to the Amazon Web Services Cloud with little to no downtime and consistent, uninterrupted service.
  • Retained and expanded the management of various regulatory boards due to the strength and reliability of their database and case management system.
  • Maintained a high level of employee retention because the team is empowered by the application.

Student Transportation

Sherwood School District, Oregon

Featured Tyler Product: Student Transportation

In order to save time and increase staff efficiency, Sherwood School District implemented Tyler's Student Transportation software along with the My Ride K-12 parent app and Tyler Drive onboard tablets. With these new tools in place, the district has:

  • Widely increased the accessibility of transportation information for district staff
  • Achieved approximately 90% community adoption rate of the parent communications app
  • Recognized significant time savings with easy-to-use software
  • Implemented more efficient processes for self-service trip requests
  • Reduced its dependency on paper inspection and route sheets
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