2023 Performance & Innovation Tyler Excellence Award Winners

Recognizing organizations that have spurred innovation through their Tyler solution(s) to redefine what performance and accountability look like—both within their department and within their community.

Appraisal & Tax

Bernalillo County Assessor’s Office, New Mexico

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise Assessment & Tax

As one of the most populous counties in the state, Bernalillo County turned to Tyler’s Enterprise Assessment & Tax and Field Mobile solutions to optimize property assessment operations. Since adoption, the county has:

  • Removed prior pen-and-paper processes for property review
  • Noticed additional workflow management benefits for tracking workload
  • Reduced data entry and increased accuracy across departments
  • Leveraged technology solutions to scale up production

Courts & Justice

Cleveland Municipal Court, Ohio

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise Justice

Cleveland Municipal Court needed a way to streamline the creation of supervision cases that unified court and supervision staff. By connecting Enterprise Supervision and Enterprise Case Manager software solutions, the Cleveland team:

  • Replaced a manual, labor-intensive case creation process with an automated workflow
  • Allowed for a consistent case number to be used by supervision and court staff
  • Simplified case tracking and processing while improving reporting and performance measurements

Hermiston Municipal Court, Oregon

Featured Tyler Product: Municipal Justice

Hermiston Municipal Court sought a more agile case management system to support the needs of a growing court in a growing city. After facing staff shortages and relying on paper-based processes for years, the court leveraged Municipal Case Manager to not only help increase efficiency, but also to create transparency and rapport among the community. Since adopting the solution, the court has:

  • Rebuilt trust with both constituents and justice partners through accurate, transparent reporting and more efficient online processes
  • Closed more than 51,000 cases in a nine-month span with only three clerks
  • Moved to new physical location with virtually no interruption to the public
  • Increased collections efforts by 40% in amount paid per case

Chatham County Courts, Georgia

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise Justice

With the goal of providing safer, more efficient access to justice for court users, Chatham County combined the benefits re:SearchGA as its primary case search system with Defendant Access’s modern case resolution tools. By leveraging both solutions, court staff has:

  • Provided compliant, secure, and instant access of mandatory case documents to the public through re:SearchGA
  • Further enhanced public access and resolution tools through Defendant Access
  • Improved payment processing by implementing a solution suited to manage the county’s large volume citation payments


Washtenaw County Treasurer, Michigan

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise ERP

Washtenaw County combined the strength of Enterprise ERP (powered by Munis®) and a robotic process automation (RPA) tool to improve the timeliness and accuracy of revenue identification and recording. Since launching its new process, the county has:

  • Benefited from detailed, accurate revenue receipting that facilitates the bank reconciliation process and timely financial reporting
  • Reduced workload with a near-zero error rate
  • Freed up staff for customer-facing work and allowed Treasury personnel to better manage the transactional work
  • Provided additional proof-of-deposit information

Public Safety

Beverly Hills Police Department, California

Featured Tyler Product: Enterprise Public Safety

The City of Beverly Hills was in the midst of an increase in crimes when they implemented a Real Time Watch Center, with Enterprise CAD playing an integral role in dispatching for service calls. Since launching the program, the agency has:

  • Enabled virtual patrol officers and drone pilots to see incoming calls for service and quickly utilize cameras throughout the city to monitor a situation before officers arrive on the scene of a crime
  • Improved ability to monitor active situations and crime trends, share data, and enhance safety
  • Identified and apprehended suspects that may have otherwise fled a scene undetected
  • Reduced crime in the city by 35%

School ERP

SAU 14 Epping Schools, New Hampshire

Featured Tyler Product: School ERP Pro

Looking to improve HR processes, SAU 14 Epping Schools expanded their School ERP Pro functionality with payroll and benefits administration solutions. Since implementing these additions, the district has:

  • Leveraged the Employee Access portal to eliminate complicated, paper-based enrollment processes
  • Tied vacant positions to contracts with Position Control, simplifying personnel reporting and budgeting
  • Saved time during benefits enrollment and payroll processing, and when generating recurring and year-end reports
  • Improved the quality of their data and grew staff confidence in its accuracy

Hermon School Department, Maine

Featured Tyler Product: School ERP Pro
Honorable Mention

Recognizing a need to modernize their finance processes, the Hermon School Department migrated from a legacy system to School ERP Pro. Since adopting the solution, the district has:

  • Increased efficiency and accuracy in payroll and accounts payable processes
  • Freed up time to focus on forecasting, data analysis, and planning for the future
  • Empowered employees with convenient access to the accounting records they need
  • Supported other local districts in their efforts to use their School ERP Pro solution to its full potential
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