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Recording Access
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Offer Electronic Recording Services Directly to Your Constituents

With Recording Access, your constituents can conveniently submit documents online for recording. Your staff then has the ability to review and either accept or reject the recording, following the same principles as the recording of paper documents. Your constituents can also use this solution to request electronic certified copies.

  • Save time

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Lessen paper dependency

Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Costs

Transform the efficiency and productivity of your recording office by implementing streamlined electronic recording processes.

  • Review and accept electronic recording requests from anywhere with internet access.
  • Pass documents along electronically within your office and to others in your county to complete the recording process.
  • Increase the amount of data captured at the time of the electronic recording.
  • Offer electronic certified copies to your constituents. This process is fully automated and no staff involvement is required.
  • Automate the onboarding process and the approval of new portal users.

Secure, Real-Time Payment Processing

Simplify your payment processing with Payments, Tyler’s fully integrated and secure cloud-based payment solution.

  • Constituents can use any device to easily pay their recording fees with Apple Pay®, credit cards (such as Amex®), and e-checks.
  • Utilize batch reconciliation to simplify your daily processes.
  • View real-time payment processing with updates to payer account balances immediately.

Change the Way You Interact With the Public

Fundamentally change the way your office interacts with the public.

  • Constituents are no longer required to visit your office to submit documents for recording.
  • Reduce turnaround times required to get original documents back to constituents.
  • Simplify the recording process by providing step-by-step, guided instructions within the portal.
  • Communicate directly with submitters to resolve issues or questions surrounding requests using notifications within the portal.
  • Provide certified copies, electronic or print, directly to constituents.
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Tools to Meet Your Unique Recording Challenges

Access today’s latest technology for land and records management that will help you tackle the toughest challenges you face in your busy, budget-strapped recording office.

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