Protecting and Extending Your Investment

When you purchase software solutions from Tyler, you aren’t just getting the latest software as of the date you sign your contract. You are also getting the benefit of perpetual upgrades as they happen. We deliver this without additional license fees.

  • Availability of current technology and functionality

  • Minimal disruptions during deployment of new functionality

  • Increases efficiency and productivity

  • Lower cost of ownership — no need to pay relicensing fees when new versions of your licensed software are released

  • Minimizes retraining after a significant update

Perpetual Upgrades

Both on-premises and SaaS clients receive new releases and upgrades for the life of their maintenance or subscription agreements. Our products are continually enhanced through a process of perpetual upgrades. This steady stream of significant yet manageable changes is deployed with minimal disruption to your operations.

Committed to Your Success

Our evergreen philosophy is a commitment to our clients.

  • Your investment in our products is long term.
  • Your product will continue to evolve and remain a market leader.
  • We are continuously enhancing our products with underlying technology.
  • We are constantly adding new features, adding value and increasing efficiency in the public sector workplace.

Painting the vision of fully connected communities.

At Tyler, we imagine a world where all city, county, and regional government services are connected
within a healthy digital infrastructure. Connecting data, processes, and people make communities
safer, smarter, and more responsive to the needs of residents.

More About Connected Communities