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Managing Millions of Disability Claims Submissions to Process Payments Faster

Individuals with disabilities want to live as independently as they can. Getting benefit payments into their hands is the single best way benefits programs and entitlement programs can help make the lives of deserving claimants less challenging. The disability benefits software solution streamlines this process.
  • Facilitate evidence collection

  • Optimize decisions based on all available information

  • Reduce overall case processing time

  • Ensure clean claims adjudication

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Comply with SSA and Medicaid requirements

Automate All Aspects of Disability Case Management

Disability benefits and entitlement program administrators must grapple with unmanageable backlogs, wait times, and reopened, refiled, and reconsidered cases. Automating the end-to-end claims management process helps ensure cases are adjudicated right the first time.

  • Time-saving features reduce the strain on administrative staff, including case intake, evidence collection, consultative exams, disability determination, quality control, and case closure.
  • The solution tracks cases from receipt through adjudication to disposition, ensuring claims are processed quickly and cleanly.
  • Authorized users can view all recorded activity, which increases transparency, ensures accuracy, and assists with program-wide reporting.

Ready-to-Use COTS Software

Tyler offers commercial-off-the-shelf solutions capable of fully satisfying SSA and Medicaid disability case processing requirements, and satisfying each DDS location’s unique needs. Disability determination agencies in the United States have been using Tyler’s Disability Case Manager solutions to process disability claims for over 40 years, including the nation’s fourth-largest federally funded entitlement program.

  • With configurable workflow, business rules, security models, and system management processes, Disability Case Manager represents the next generation of disability case processing.
  • Pre-built interfaces with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and other state organizations ensure compliance with their data transmission requirements.
  • The platform contains configurable components such as business rule processing, data models, security models, and system management preferences.

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