Tyler Tech Podcast: Enlightening, Informative, and Entertaining With a Government Angle

Want to find out which generation is most involved in local government? What about the latest trends in government technology? Do you want to know more about how federal agencies are embracing modern solutions, or how outdated government technology hinders the ability serve constituents effectively? Are you interested in how communities are handling vital issues such as the opioid crisis and the novel coronavirus?

If so, listen and subscribe today to our Tyler Tech podcast. We explore a wide range of complex, timely, and important issues facing communities and the public sector. In each episode, we talk to subject matter experts who serve up surprising information mixed with a little tech talk and fun. The Tyler Tech podcast features host Jeff Harrell, Tyler's content marketing director.


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Painting the vision of fully connected communities.

At Tyler, we imagine a world where all city, county, and regional government services are connected within a healthy digital infrastructure. Connecting data, processes, and people makes communities safer, smarter, and more responsive to the needs of residents.

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