Empowering counties starts in the back offices of each department, providing modern software systems that are required to run the essential services across a county.

Appraisal & Tax

County assessor and treasurer offices must fairly and uniformly value all real and business personal property, manage parcel information, and efficiently collect taxes.
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Civic Services

County offices provide vital services for each resident, ensuring healthy, safe, and sustainable communities people want to live and work in.
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Counties manage more than 90% of all jail facilities, and serve communities by safely and efficiently housing inmates convicted and sentenced to jail.
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Courts & Justice

County court systems serve the public through administering justice in a fair, efficient, and impartial manner that increases access to justice for all constituents.
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Data & Insights

High performing counties understand how essential data is to continual performance improvement, analyzing issues, and providing transparency to the constituency.
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Counties serve as the building for local economies, requiring finance officers to be effective stewards of financial resources and maximize revenue sources.
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Land & Official Records

County clerk and recording offices serve as the official repository to record and preserve vital documents, land and property ownership, and legal official records.
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