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Tyler's Disbursements Software

The Hassle-Free Way to Pay Residents Accurately and On Time

Tyler’s Disbursements software streamlines and connects digital disbursements and card issuance on a single platform, empowering your agency to make payouts, both individually and en masse, for a variety of government needs including jury duty, court-mandated child support, restitution, procurement, unemployment, inmate release, election workers, vendor payments, and more. 

  • Make funds available to payees immediately after being paid, through a variety of claim options — bank transfer, instant bank transfer, PayPal®, Venmo®, check, charitable donation, gift card, and more

  • Offer unbanked residents instant convenience and security — payee funds are safe and secure in an FDIC-insured account

  • Reduce check fraud risk

  • Slash disbursement costs — no more exorbitant paper check and postage costs

  • Curtail unclaimed property and escheatment incidents

  • Eliminate lost or stolen checks

  • Reconcile bank accounts immediately

  • Interface with systems for account, finance, court management, case management, jury management, commissary, and more

  • Have physical checks mailed on your behalf when an electronic payable option is not available

  • Meet stringent audit requirements by reducing or eliminating cash handling on site

Paper Checks vs. Electronic Payouts: The Differences are Clear

Simply put, paper checks just aren’t worth the hassle.
Not only are they costly to your bottom line, but they can also result in inefficient operations and check fraud.

Make Electronic Payouts With Ease

Simply upload your check file to our cloud-based Disbursements portal and fund your payments — Tyler does the rest! Think of Tyler’s Disbursements like a virtual pre-paid card. It has all the functionality of a pre-paid account, but without the physical card. Recipients of funds get a notification that they have been paid, and then can access their funds through a variety of claim options, including bank transfer, pre-paid card, PayPal®, check, charitable donation, and gift card redemption.

Serve Unbanked Residents

Need to offer a physical debit card for unbanked residents? We have you covered. With our Card Issuance module, your agency can load funds straight to an FDIC-insured pre-paid debit card. If a card is lost or misplaced, the cardholder can immediately turn off the card online or over the phone, and reactivate when a replacement card is received. Cards can be used anywhere Mastercard® or Visa® are accepted.

Eliminate Accounting Hassles

When your agency makes disbursements electronically, everyday accounting headaches — check fraud, lengthy account reconciliations, unclaimed property, and escheatment — become a distant memory. Your team spends less time dealing with time-consuming tasks and the dreaded “where’s my money?” customer service issues.

Streamline Operations and Realize Huge Cost Savings

The results are undeniable. Agencies who modernize operations using digital payouts experience multiple benefits including:

  • More time for other initiatives — training, customer service, revenue collection, and more
  • Huge taxpayer savings — typically 40-90%
  • Happier residents — faster access to funds and multiple transfer options

Promote Resident Safety and Privacy

Government not only possesses a natural obligation to focus on safety in the broadest sense, but also on safety on a much smaller scale, including payment processes related to child support, restitution, jurors, and more. A secure, modern disbursement solution can be a real game changer for families in your community.

Residents without a permanent address benefit from not having to worry about undelivered mail and privacy concerns.

Digital disbursements offer unbanked consumers instant convenience and security — account holder funds are safe and secure in an FDIC-insured account.

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