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Continuous Cybersecurity Improvement Program for the Public Sector

The external threat environment is dynamic. Local municipalities and agencies need to prepare for and be able to adapt to these changing conditions, so they can withstand and rapidly recover from any disruption, whether from a ransomware attack or a natural disaster. Taking a holistic approach to your cybersecurity program and maturing it over time helps you achieve this state of resilience and minimizes the likelihood your organization will suffer from disruption. Tyler’s program provides you with a sensible path forward, using an approach that supports your strategic business objectives and is consistent with your organization’s unique risk profile.

  • Tailored, holistic strategy increases cyber resilience

  • Tiered approached will not strain budget or resources

  • Strategic guidance, remediation tracking support ensure success

  • Continuous expert support keeps you on track

  • Collection of services aids your entire cybersecurity lifecycle

  • Individualized plan based on your unique risk profile

Tailored, Holistic Strategy Increases Cyber Resilience

Incorporating consistency into your security discipline at an expanding scope and scale can be a daunting task for any organization. Our program will provide your agency with a sensible path forward.

  • Approach supports your strategic objectives
  • Action plan developed based on your unique risk profile

Tiered Approached Will Not Strain Budget or Resources

Maturing an arsenal of cybersecurity defenses will allow your municipality or agency to mitigate risk exposures and expand your program coverage. Progression through the tiers delivers an increasingly resilient security posture.

  • Delivers a process of continuous assessment and remediation
  • Establishes the critical cybersecurity functions in your organization
  • Provides a framework to build upon as you advance your maturity

Strategic Guidance, Remediation Tracking Support Ensure Success

Optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your agency’s cybersecurity program requires regular management and reconciliation of the vulnerability and risk assessment findings of task-oriented program components.

  • Learn how to prioritize and assign remediation designations across functional domains
  • Understand how your testing and assessment findings translate to a remediation action plan

Continuous Expert Support Keeps You on Track

Cybersecurity expertise is a critical success factor for ensuring a cohesive and sensible program that demonstrates measurable progress with program maturity. Our specialized security team is dedicated to the strategic implementation and execution of well-conceived cybersecurity programs that deliver contextual guidance and rely on a commitment and understanding across all levels of your organization.

  • Credentialed by internationally recognized organizations such as (ISC)2, the SANS Institute, and ISACA
  • Experience working with highly regulated public and private institutions
  • Offers regular meetings with your cybersecurity advisor to check progress and ensure you are on track

Services Support Entire Cybersecurity Lifecycle

Achieving cybersecurity resilience depends on an ongoing cycle of interconnected elements that complement and reinforce one another – what we refer to as the cybersecurity lifecycle. Regardless of where your agency is in your cybersecurity journey, we can help determine the right mix of services to grow your program, without overwhelming your budget or available resources.

  • Advisory services include policy development and risk assessments
  • Assurance services include vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • Remediation tracking across all services included
  • Cybersecurity awareness training and testing also available

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Cybersecurity Readiness Questionnaire

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