Simplify Payment Processing

Payments is an integrated, cloud-based solution that makes it easy for the public sector to accept payments both online and over the counter for bills, fees, tickets, and fines. It manages all aspects of merchant services, including onboarding, shopping cart, check-out, fee handling, and receipts. Payments features:

  • A flexible fee structure with no subscription or licensing costs

  • Elimination of the need for custom integrations from third-party providers

  • Streamlined reviews of payment details with administrative transaction and reconciliation tools

  • Wide acceptance of payment methods, including ApplePay®, credit cards (such as Amex®), and eChecks

No Subscription or Licensing Costs

Payments has a flexible fee structure with no subscription or licensing costs, meaning you can provide predictable rates for your online payers – whether you pass the fees along or absorb them.

Improved Payment Processing

A cloud-based, multi-tenant application, Payments is positioned for minimal maintenance and maximum availability. It requires very little training and no on-site technical installation. Payments makes it possible to:

  • Maintain a single vendor relationship for payment processing.
  • Enjoy better oversight. Easily review payment details with administrative transaction and reconciliation tools.
  • Save on mailing costs with paperless billing and emailed receipt options.

A Better Payment Experience

Integrating seamlessly with Tyler products, Payments allows community members to pay bills, review past billing and payment history, and see real-time balance information on all open accounts. Community members can pay as a guest, or they can register and benefit from access to account history and streamlined connectivity. From any device at any convenient time, they can pay:

  • Utility bills
  • Court fees
  • Property taxes
  • Tax bills
  • Parking tickets
  • Licensing and permit fees

    Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

    An enterprise portal option with full EBPP functionality provides a one-stop shop for all payments. Leverage this portal to accept online payments where a Portal isn’t available, or collect on third-party collections, simplifying the complexity of your payment ecosystem. Payments' enterprise offering:

    • Leverages Snaplogic to establish seamless, real-time integrations with non-Tyler billing applications
    • Enables immediate payments for both Tyler and non-Tyler bills, regardless of your back-office system
    • Streamlines reconciliation of payment activity across your organization
    • Allows customized branding to match the look of your website

    A Secure Process

    Tyler Technologies is a registered merchant service provider (MSP) and is equipped to handle all aspects of the payment process, reducing the number of entities required to handle citizens’ sensitive information. Payments is a tightly integrated, secure payment platform for online payments that is compliant with PCI/PA-DSS standards.

    Maximize Electronic Payment Adoption

    With its secure, easy-to-use platform and checkout process, Payments can help maximize e-payment adoption with:

    • Real-time payment processing that reflects updates to payer account balances immediately
    • Options for payers to set recurring payments and schedule payments for a future date
    • Acceptance of various payment methods, including ApplePay®, credit cards (such as Amex®), and eChecks
    • Dedicated Tyler staff to assist with configuration and civic outreach strategies
    • The option to pay as a guest or as a registered user to access history and streamline account connectivity

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