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Reimagine Case Management

Reinvest lost time and taxpayers’ dollars into technology that streamlines processes, eliminate mountains of paperwork, and ultimately help your municipal court run more efficiently.

Tyler makes it easy.

  • Our user-friendly interface helps you manage everything from citations to jury selection

  • Create the exact reports you need – whether for internal use or for compliance with state and federal laws

  • Access key information with the click of a button

  • Easily manage and process payments from within the software while protecting your sensitive data with the most advanced security encryption and processes available

  • Maintain consistent rules and workflow for court dates, fines, judgments, and print documents


Municipal Justice Users Include

From Case Management to Case Resolution

No matter the size or scope of your municipal court, these feature-rich applications give you everything you need to streamline case management, increase compliance, and decrease your workload.

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Tools to Simplify, Streamline, and Share

Let us help you automate your court, make work easier, and make cash collections less cumbersome.

Automated Processing

Wouldn't it be nice to come into the court every morning to find all your cases updated — and warrants, courtesy notices, show cause orders, and other documents ready to print? With Municipal Justice automated processing, your day just got a whole lot simpler. Tyler makes it easy.

  • Maintain consistent rules and workflow for court dates, fines, judgments, and print documents.
  • Eliminate tracking cases that need a warrant. Our automated warrant process issues warrants on cases meeting your criteria, automatically increasing fines and adding fees.

Go Paperless

You can eliminate hours of manual labor by eliminating the need to file, retrieve, copy, and produce paper files. Using Municipal Justice's integrated document processing, you can cut out paper completely, and securely manage all key information electronically.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing wait-time at the window.
  • Increase the speed and efficiency of your court when you no longer have to transport files into the courtroom and refile cases.
  • Pull paper case files for trial and allow judges and clerks to view documents simultaneously — allowing the court to get more done with fewer resources.

Streamline Your Workflow

By maintaining consistent rules and workflow designed specifically for each court, Municipal Justice software automatically updates cases so warrants, courtesy notices, show cause orders, and all other documents are always accurate and accessible. This automation not only saves time, but can also reduce overhead costs when paired with other applications like Tyler's Content Manager. This allows you to eliminate hours of manual labor by going paperless with integrated document processing.

  • Flexibly drill down into cases directly from the Control Center to update and edit by batch or individually.
  • Access key information with the click of a button — obtain cases, view citations, process defendant records, change court dates, and print letters and forms.
  • Update files automatically and on-the-spot — edit fees, amend cases, apply bonds, print documents, enter judgments — all from one screen, without having to search for the case.

Integrate Financial, Collections, and Payments

A complete financial and collection system is integrated into the court software. It can support a variety of payment scenarios, including partial payments, payment plans, or multiple payments on one receipt. Cash, surety, and PR bonds, as well as jail and community service credit, can all be managed through the payment system.

  • Make payment processing easy to manage from within the system and communicate payment information throughout all Municipal Justice modules automatically.
  • Utilize user-defined fees, which can be adjusted when payments are entered.
  • Eliminate additional financial processing through a direct integration with all Tyler General Ledger applications.

Customize Reporting and Analytics

With more than 80 standard reports, including all state and federally mandated reports, Municipal Justice also allows individual customization for reporting and analytics. Using specially designed macros, each court can create everything needed to accurately and efficiently share key information.

  • Easily create the exact reports you need with a drag-and-drop report writer for an unlimited number of custom reports on the fly.
  • Save reports as templates, or use them as one-time exports — all without a third-party tool.

Integrated Jury Management

Get the flexibility you need to tailor the jury process to fit your court.

  • Manage the jury wheel and organize pools and panels.
  • Check in jurors electronically and accept juror questionnaires online.
  • Allow jurors to reschedule service based on your court’s restrictions.
  • Shuffle jurors for quick changes in courtroom assignments.
  • Create and maintain unique codes for exemptions, demographics, precinct, and court types.
  • Print juror service checks and maintain charity lists for donation of service fees.
  • Integrate with Municipal Justice and Financial Management Pro.
  • Meets all local, state, and federal jury requirements.

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Municipal Justice Essential Integrations

Who uses Municipal Justice?

Reduce “Failure to Appear” Rates With Automated Calls

Belton, Missouri, population around 24,000, significantly reduced failure to appear rates by making the court more accessible using technology.

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Improve Processes and Gain Uncollected Revenue

The municipal court in the 7th largest city in Texas automated processes to increase compliance and bring in millions of dollars in unpaid fines and court fees.

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Operational Efficiency and Effective Case Management

Municipal Justice was created specifically for municipal courts — whether they be large, small, or somewhere in between. While each local court has its own nuances and activities, each shares a common need for software that can efficiently manage their many responsibilities. Every day, court administrators and clerks must tackle an incredibly diverse set of functions, and Municipal Justice delivers the ideal solution.

Creating safer communities and a more just society.

From dispatch to disposition, Tyler Alliance connects data and processes between public safety and criminal justice departments, agencies, and jurisdictions. By breaking through the silos, Tyler Alliance is improving safety, responsiveness, efficiency, and the administration of and access to justice.

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