Comprehensive, Automated, Integrated Permitting & Licensing software for Local Government

Solutions that help you do what’s best for your community. Enable digital workflows, project visibility and collaboration for scalable growth, a safer community, and enhanced quality of life. Remove extra steps and address bottlenecks for increased productivity and workload capabilities. Grant access to open data for more accurate critical planning and simpler permitting and licensing processes. Implement our best-in-class Enterprise Permitting & Licensing software and empower your community to do business with local government online.

Enterprise Permitting & Licensing Users Include

We have your permitting & licensing needs covered.

Break down silos for the best workflow experience around planning, licensing, permitting, regulatory management, inspections, and code enforcement with our Enterprise Community Development and Enterprise Business Management software solutions.

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Citizen Engagement Tools Empower Constituents and Improve Satisfaction

Expand your community connections and boost satisfaction through specialized constituent-centric apps. The Civic Access web portal enables simple online permitting, licensing, and payment resources. Increase plan and application submission accuracy with guided tools such as Decision Engine. Interact with your community like never before and conduct remote inspections conveniently with Virtual Sessions, our integrated online meeting platform. Connect with your constituents on a more valuable level with the My Civic mobile application.

Leverage Integrated GIS Technology to Understand Impacts and Make Better Decisions

Having Esri® GIS technology within Enterprise Permitting & Licensing allows you to visually interpret real-time data with spatial analysis, which leads to fact-based decision-making. With the added ability to link and share this data, each agency benefits from the information most pertinent to their needs along with the ability to communicate from the field.

Accomplish More With Mobile – Enable Inspectors to Work Smarter and Securely in the Field

Innovate your inspection capabilities and connect agency offices to the field. Tyler’s mobile applications, Inspections Mobile and Code Enforcement Mobile, efficiently and securely take office workflows on the go. Communicate with agency staff, upload images, and send important notes from on-site inspections or code enforcement. Mobile efficiencies maintain office functionality so you can manage or schedule inspections, allocate resources, track inspection data, and complete field work to save drive time, shorten inspection turnaround, and minimize costs.   

Enterprise Workflow Management Breaks Down Silos and Improves Productivity

Place your process workflows where they matter― - at the center of it all. Share decision-making data and open communication between agencies, departments, and constituents. Operate from an on-the-same-page advantage. When you know more, you can do more with confidence and accuracy. Our Enterprise Permitting & Licensing software allows you to unify and simplify data, processes, and knowledge to positively impact how you work together – smoother, faster — from across the hall to out in the field. 

Confidently Evaluate and Forecast With Custom Reports

Identify trends, associations, performance, and relationships with ease via Enterprise Permitting & Licensing's robust reporting and graphics-based construction tools. Build reports you need and forecast accurately by controlling and constructing customized, on-demand views, filtering performance, and aggregating data.

Virtual Workflow Access for Each Agency = Easier Work and Satisfied Constituents

Government agencies and departments work from one centralized platform for simple processes and transparent workflows —- submission to reviews and inspections to issuance - ensures everyone is on the same page. Eliminate redundancy and increase accuracy with open data, status, concurrent reviews, up-to-date status, and collaboration. Breaking down departmental and agencies allows you to plan smarter and develop faster. 

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From cities with 20,000 residents to counties with 900,000, Enterprise Permitting & Licensing is the perfect fit.

Enterprise Permitting & Licensing is fully scalable to meet the needs of any local government.

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