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Scalable Land and Vital Records Solution

Simplify your county land recording processes with a solution designed with staff and constituent convenience in mind. With Document Pro, you no longer need to depend on multiple systems to complete easy tasks, quickly.

  • Eliminate manual recording processes

  • Find what you need faster with robust search capabilities

  • Streamline processes to better serve constituents

  • Simplify work with third parties

  • Expand your system as your needs change

  • Boost revenues with e-commerce

Reduce Manual Work and Keystrokes

Use tools and workflows designed to help you automate many of your scanning and indexing functions.

  • Track and process documents through pre-defined or custom workflows
  • Reduce the amount of time spent searching for documents using customizable search tools
  • Scan multiple images as a batch using bar codes
  • Streamline processes with electronic recording of documents
  • Protect sensitive documents with redaction tools

Empower Your Constituents

With iDoc Market, you can reduce foot traffic in your office and become more accessible to your constituents by providing an online gateway to access and search records 24/7.

  • Create additional revenue with e-commerce options such as fee-based subscription access and charging for document views and page prints
  • Through security and password protection, your county maintains control over who has access to online documents
  • Document alerts and electronic certified copies can be added to further expand the range of services you offer

Empower Your Constituents to Submit Documents Online for Recording

With Recording Access, your constituents can conveniently submit documents for electronic recording directly to your county through a web portal. Your staff then can review and either accept or reject the recording, following the same principles as the recording of paper documents. With streamlined electronic recording processes, you can save time, reduce operating costs, and lessen paper dependency.

Offer Electronic Vital Record Requests

With Vitals Access, your constituents can electronically request copies of birth, death, and marriage records with ease; have visibility into the status of the request; and ultimately receive copies of these crucial vital records faster. Your staff can see all vital record requests in one place and instantly know their status.

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